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Garden Landscaping in Poole

Garden Landscaping in Poole

We provide the best garden landscaping in Poole for properties of all sizes.  Our company is based in Dorset, and we are ready to help you create the stunning outside space you have always longed for. A landscaped garden will be a pleasant space to relax in for any property.

Our Poole garden landscaping service

We offer a professional and friendly garden landscaping Poole service which encompasses both soft and hard landscaping. The team will create a beautiful space which can be used for entertaining, spending time with the family, relaxing or just enjoying the fresh air. All of our landscaping services will be unique to you and your Poole property.  The team will make your vision a reality today with our fully comprehensive Poole garden landscaping service

Soft and hard landscaping

Our dedicated team offers both soft and hard landscaping services. Soft landscaping adds unique details to your garden with the use of plants, vegetation, and trees. This includes planting, raised beds and lawns and full garden transformations.

Hard landscaping makes use of materials such a wood or stone to construct new features in your garden. They can include fencing and decking, driveways and patios which are tailor-made to suit your individual preferences.

Patios and driveways

Patios create the perfect outdoor space to entertain your friends or enjoy your garden in a defined space and our garden landscaping Poole team supplies and installs beautiful bespoke designs. You will be able to choose from a wide selection of patio stones and colour choices to create a space that enhances both your garden and property.

The perfect driveway can also become a defining feature of your home whether it is made from tarmac, paving stones or any other material. Before we lay a new patio or driveway, we will do the following:

  • Carefully excavate the area
  • Measure the intended area
  • Laying a strong foundation,
  • Secure the area after the work has been completed

As a result, our customers can be assured that we will deliver a quality and maintenance free Poole garden landscaping service.

Fencing and decking

Decking is hugely popular and for good reason, creating a defined area for relaxing or entertaining your family and friends. We can dramatically transform your outdoor space with the use of high-quality decking materials in a wide range of wood types and finishes.

Similarly fencing does so much more than just define the boundaries of your property by also providing privacy, shade and security. Our garden landscaping Poole team takes fencing seriously and offers a wide selection for you to choose from, all professionally installed and built to last.

Why should you choose Bamboo Landscapes

Even small changes can make a huge difference to your garden and ultimately your home. Our trustworthy, innovative and professional garden landscaping Poole team can create the outdoor space you have always longed for.

We have an experienced team who have completed many garden landscaping Poole projects over the years. Regardless of your property size or demands, we have the skills and experience required to bring every gardening project to life.


View our gallery for examples of our Poole garden landscaping.


Do not hesitate to contact Bamboo Landscapes today for the best garden landscaping in Poole.